Sandbox is a place I try new things. Experiment, have fun and chill out. These are not commercial projects here. All of those are personal artistic projects.

Video stills from Essouira

Looping video stills from Essouira, Morocco. (2014)

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Fire Mandala

Moving fire mandala. Great for band background. (2016)

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The photographs used are by my grandfather Arnold Karl Rammo. #arnoldrammo (ongoing)

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Abstract art

I thought, that I would maybe print those out and see how they look printed. Looked nice enough. Here's all of them. (2014-2015)

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Old trick, but I really wanted to explore this optical illusion. (2013)

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Animation about bodyparts remembering the moment of the plane crash. Kinda 'elefant and the blind men'. (2008)

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